INFINE is transformed into a Curtain Wall (Unitized and Stick System), Window, Door, Spider, and Cladding Fabrication & Installation company based in Chennai, India. We undertake a variety of Facade installation and any specialized Labour Hire Services to work both nationally and internationally.


Our values are clear to our clients as well as our employees. We create an inclusive environment that in turn creates a positive environment of for work. We value Quality and Unaltered commitments. We value quality of life and wellbeing of our team. We value the norms and protocols of the Administrative authorities.


Services we offer are Fabrication & Installation of All Facade Works Utilising our extremely talented pool of INFINE Team and also supply of Manpower Services. Our motto is to work in close coordination with our clients and provide value added services of exceptional standards.


All our services are classified, though distinct



INFINE hires right set of skills that well suit the project specifications. Our staffing capabilities are not limited to few profiles. We recruit Executives for top management, Engineers, Secretaries, Computer Operators, Cashiers, Accountants, Mechanics, Steel fixers, Welders, Electricians, Helpers, Painters, Drivers and any client specific resource.

We see variety in our recruitment pattern. We hire the resources from all regions of India.



Though the recruits are experienced, we help the staff to understand the client specific work and culture. The training program is well planned with practical scenarios. This helps the staff from different locations get used to the site and team up for the project. We also organize refresher programs and onsite training to keep the staff connected and involved in the project.



At INFINE, we are committed to comply by the client norms as well as the respective Governments. We ensure every labour privilege to our staff besides the standard salaries and appraisal. Every employee is given the benefits of Provident Fund, Health Care schemes like Corporate Mediclaim and ESIC. The leave policy is strictly followed with every privilege is well informed. Compliance is our policy not to meet up the statutory requirements but to ensure comfort and confidence to our employees.



Every employ is under the payroll of INFINE with necessary contracts. All the privileges and benefits are attached to the salary accounts. This process of payroll management brings down the intricacy at the client’s end.



Though one of the complex process in the Manpower Management, we are successful in retaining the key talents. Key talents are the assets for our clients. We adapt to proactive methods of rewarding and retaining key talents. Along with the key talents, we help everybody to grow in the organizations. It’s the culture and belongingness that keep our staff stay with the clients for longer duration. We rather offer a career and rewarding life at INFINE.

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